• VendEngine Systems

    VendEngines equipment is designed to work seamlessly and in real time with ANY jail management system. It is one of the most advanced ordering systems in the corrections industry and easy to use.

    These services are offered through our partner VendEngine. In this partnership VendEngine installs, maintains and services all of our automated commissary services.  We are proud to be partners with such an  innovated company.  Their goals, much like ours are, to continue to push the boundaries in service and technology.  They are continually looking for ways to update and add services that provide seamless transactions and hands free solutions for all our customers.

  • Deposit Kiosk

    We provide FREE lobby kiosks to all of our customers. These state-of-the-art, free-standing, touch screen kiosk machines accept cash and all major credit cards. Deposits are made immediately into inmate accounts, thus allowing them to purchase commissary immediately. Our inmate order entry kiosks have shown to increase vending sales by as much as 35%. All service and technical issues are handled by our partners at VendEngine. We are proud to say we are one of the few that offer” in lobby” deposits, online deposits and toll free deposit services. This means anyone from anywhere can make a deposit for your inmate.

    Inmate Kiosk

    Designed for easy ordering, our inmate kiosks come with biometric readers or any inmate identification login that your facility desires. They feature triple shatterproof 17’ touchscreen monitors that allow inmates to pull up their accounts, check balances, order commissary, email grievances and medical information in a quick and easy manner. To provide your staff with a hands free ordering process, these kiosk are designed to be installed inside the jail cell or in common areas. This provides your staff to be hands free for the ordering process and any questions the inmates may have in regards to the account. This process allows for improved efficiency in day to day operations.

    Booking Kiosk

    Bookings kiosk are designed to assist law enforcement or jail officials with the booking process. By having a booked inmate input their money into the booking kiosk in the holding area it allows for accurate record keeping and again a hands free process. This kiosk takes cash or credit cards and again is deposited into inmates account immediately. This eliminates the need for an audit and double counting procedures. The biometric, touch screen booking kiosk tied in with the VendEngine Vending Management System or any Jail Management System, tracks the intake amounts and prints the inmate a receipt that will go with his/her personal belongings.

  • Commissary Services

    Security and Reliability are our daily mission.  Our orders are processed, packed and are delivered by our own in house staff. Our staff check every order and we take pride in filling your orders with accuracy.

  • We retain at least two wholesale vendors for every product in our warehouse to ensure you never have items on backorder.  We carry over 450 name brand and generic products.  You can pick and choose the products you want available to your jail.  All products are packaged in clear bags and sealed to insure security for delivery.

    In addition to packaging and delivering we can provide inmate handout commissary service.  This again is a great addition to the hands off approach our kiosks offer.  You can contact our sales department for more information on how this product can make your jail more efficient.

    We are proud to also offer tobacco free electronic vapor cigarettes.   These are disposable soft tip e-cigarettes specially made of plastic instead of metal so they cannot be turned into a weapon.  This not only adds revenue to your jail but can be used as an additional measurement to reward your inmates. These can be sold through our commissary services and packaged along with the other commissary items.

  • Inmate Gift Packages

    Inmate Gift Packages has created pre-packed gift bags that ONLY family members, loved ones and friends of your inmates can order.  We provide your Inmates with the 800 Number and marketing materials for their families to be able to order.

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  • It has been a proven program to provide an addition revenue to your facility with little work on your end.  We handle all payments and all orders. Packages can be delivered in conjunction with your commissary or serve as a standalone product.  You can return to the home page and enter Care A Cell inmate packages to see the bags we offer.  If there is a product in the bag that your facility does not allow we can replace with an approved item.  The goal of this program is to provide your jail with another source of income and positive community perceptions about your facility. It is a win-win combination.

    It’s our mission to be your full service provider for all your needs.  Our sales team has been trained on all services and products we offer to provide you with all inclusive experience in inmate and Jail Services. Please feel free to contact our Sales team to find out how we can better assist you.

    All of our products can be stand alone or used in conjunction with each other.  This allows for you to make an individual tailor made system for your jail.